Love and health

“Nervous, endocrine, and immune systems are closely interrelated.  Neuroendocrine system can modulated the immune response, vice versa, the recent study shows that the immune system have an impact on the neuroendocrine system”

The statement above indicates that stress or prolonged stress can weaken immune system, and the weakness of immune system will worsen the condition of stress such as depression like behavior.  The recovery depends on how you learn to handle stress and relax.  Finding fun activities and changing your thought patterns to alter your emotions and your behaviors are able to help you to relax then boosts the immune system.

No wonder, if stress makes higher susceptibility to any infection or other diseases.  What kind of fun activities we can do? Doing hobby and meditate are able to make us relax, either with feeling love and compassion, they can promote the immune system.  So, maintain and enjoy your hobby and your love….


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