Are You Personalized Medicine?

Someday you may have card consist of genetic  information related to drug administration.
Someday you may have chip on e-card consist of genetic information related to health care, drug administration, and health insurance.

Have you ever felt not suitable or are allergic to certain medications? Or have you ever healed earlier by certain drugs than other people who take the same medicine? Sometimes, this occurs unexpectedly after we took certain medications. Not recovered is better than getting an allergic reaction. It implies personalized medicine. Though we all are human species, Homo sapiens, but genetically we are different in about 0,01% gene sequence. Like a barcode we found on products we bought, no two humans are genetically identical. Even monozygotic twins who are develop from one ovum and one sperm. So, based on experience people should be smarter when choosing a medication as well as choosing a doctor who will write a prescription for them.

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