10 Reasons To Date A (Biological) Scientist

  1. First of all, doesn’t “I’m dating a scientist” sound impressive?
  2. They’re honest. And straight forward. And logic. Because that’s what they’re trained to be during a scientific writing sessions.
  3. You’ll never run out of things to talk about. Just ask your date a “why” question. He/she will likely know the long answer (and if they don’t know, they will find out).
  4. And they talk based on data (and don’t you know? They’re a good spy when it comes to collecting the data).
  5. Scientists do meticulous, time-consuming tests and experiments. This attention to details – and incredible patience – will serve your relationship well.
  6. You will know what’s scientifically inaccurate in your favourite sci-fi show. That’s a cool way to impress your friends.
  7. You’ll likely win a trivia night if you’re on the same team (and sometimes it means a big money).
  8. Access to dry ice and other cool chemical things. Best. Party. Ever.
  9. Hygiene. Scientists wash their hands before and after everything.
  10. And…finally, three words : Nerd Is Cool.

(From “15 reasons to date a scientist” by eHarmony, with some modifications.  Well, don’t take it too seriously 😛 )

Am I nerd?
Am I nerd?

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Safrina Dewi

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