Kepo As A Science

Recently, we know the term KEPO which stands for Knowing Every Particular Object.  It has same meaning with “kaypoh” in Singlish (singapore English).  Kepo defines a condition when a person is wanna know about everything or very curious people.

Moreover, we also know that science is simply the word we use to describe a method of organizing our curiosity.  So, the connectivity between KEPO and Science could be named as ‘Kepologia’ (logi as logos, science in Greek).  I know a blog which is used this name.  When you want to learn more about ‘how to kepo correctly, safely, and carefully’ or ‘how to organize your desire to kepo’, just visit my colleague here.  If you find any inappropriate contents there, that is not my responsibility.

Enjoy your kepo 😀

Published by

Safrina Dewi

Sebutir pasir dalam lautanNya, yang berusaha memaknai hari untuk mencapai ridhoNya...

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